Newly Engaged

We would like to congratulate the

newly engaged couple,

“Jamil Fakhouri and Kathy Musallam”

The Proud Parents are:
Mikhail and Aida Fakhouri
  Zaki and Salwa Musallam

May the Lord God bless them and

direct their steps  to fulfill their future plans!



Items needed for church for Christmas!

The advent Season is upon us and soon, Christmas and new year  will be here as well. With so many special services and traditions being observed during this time, the church is in need of certain items and we are kindly asking for your offering and support.

So, in order to make any kind of special offering during this blessed Season, please see Khourieh Ranwa on Sunday in the church hall and specify the purpose of your donation.

We thank you and pray that you experience a most joyful and fruitful advent season and celebration of our Lord’s Holy Nativity.

  12 Poinsettias-  Donated by Hiyam Odeh and family.

 Altar Votive Candles ( 6-HR Burn time)2 boxes- $100 each- Donated by Sam and Frieda Kalil and family

 Small vigil Tea light: 2 boxes- $50 each  - Donated by George and Odette Shaqareq and family

 100% Beewax Long Altar Candles 2" diameter- ( Two Boxes/2 candles per box) - $50 each box-  Donated By David and Tannia Hanania


100% Beewax Long Altar Candles  1 ½ diameter ( Two boxes/ 2 candles per box)- $ 50 each - Donated by Jamal and Naeemeh Hanania and family.   

Christmas fabric table covers and accessories for church and hall- $100 -  Donated By Suad Akel

Extra virgin olive oils for Altars :4 (2 liter each bottle). Donated by Victor and Lamis Anki in memory of Jalil Samir Abu Shanab.

Wine for Holy Altar. $100 each Box- We are in needof Two (2)boxes.

 December Birthdays & Anniversaries


Happy Birthday to:

Dr. Jawad Farhat (1), Selma Isabella Dabit (1),
Ashley Hanania Lazo (1), Christine Farah Conner (2)
Lana Rae Akel (2), Charles Hollis Cole (2),
Grant Michael Khoury (2), Kristine El-Kouri (3),
Joey Salameh (3), Joshua Boyd (4), Sana Anki (5),
Nouman Peter El-Abu (5), Samir Hanania Jr. (6), 
Daniel Shaqareq (6), Laura A. Saoud (6),

Salwa Kazaleh (7), Lauren A. Hanna (8), 

Michael Farhat (9), Suzanne Farhat Villa (10),

Melissa Alley Farhat (10), Emily Sophia Farhat (10),

Ramzi G. Bateh (11), Peter Jaghab (11),Victor Calatrava (11), Luke J. Farah (12),  Leila Mousa (12), Peter Farhat (13), Anthony Salem (13), Samir Salameh (14),

Rami Farmand (14), Ava Akel (14), Alina Akel (14),

Mark Bateh (16), Bert Eadeh (17),Anthony Bishara (17),  Samar Farhat (18), Jasmine Salman (18),

George Saoud Jr. (19), Ann Farmand (19),

Dunia Jahjah (19), Andrea Farhat (21),

Nora Gazaleh (21), Abigail Maria Rukab (21),

Sandy Helen Hanania (22), Paige Farah Santa Lucia (22), Ramez Anki (23), Leana Farah (23), Ramzi Salameh (24),
Vicky Dabit (25), Issa Kassis (25), Milad Bitar (25),

Essa S. Farhat (26), Noelle El-Abu (27), Sana Al-Hirsh (27), Nabil Shaqareq (27), Susan Nammour (28),

Mary Elizabeth Hanania (28),  Emily R. Bateh (28),
Dr. Justin Bateh (29), Tony Akel (30),

Vera Hishmeh (30), Hala Salman (30),
Ian M. Farhat (31).

Happy Anniversary to:

Nabeel & Ghada Rukab(3), Johnny & Joy Rukab(5),

Yacoub & Mary Akel (7),  Marwan & Dr. Lisa Eways(30)


  Sunday December 9th, 2018

 1. In loving memory of  Kamel Farmand (2yrs), offered by Nuhad Farmand and her children. May his memory be eternal.

 2. In loving memory of Zohair Mardini  (2yrs)  offered by their daughters and their families. May his memory be eternal

3. In loving memory of Asad and Jamileh Jubran, offered by their children and their families. May their memory be eternal.

4. For the health and spiritual welfare of Omar  Said Akel, offered by Suad Akel and family.

5. For the health and spiritual welfare of Georgette Al-Anini, her children and their families, offered by Georgette Al Anini.

6. In loving memory of Suheil and Victorine Farha, offered by Dr. Fawzi and Carol Farha. May their memory be eternal.

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Holy Bread of Oblation

Sunday December 9th

كنيسةُ القِدِّيسِ جَاورجِيُوسَ الَأنطَاكِيَّة للرُّومِ الأُرْثُوذُكسِ في جَاكسِنْفل فلُوريدا

Conception of Theotokos


Tone 3         Eoth. 6

Epistle: Gal. 4:22-27 

Gospel: Luke 13:10-17


Epistle Readers:

English: Heather Kenny

Arabic: Samir Farhat


Tray Collection:

Suheil and Salwa Akel

Said Samaan and Tom Hishmeh

Tom Hishmeh

Nick Bajalia

 Altar Servers:

 Sam Awwad, Khalil Farhat,  Bader Bajalia, Timothy Conner, Jamil & Jean Fayad,  Dominic & Nicholas Joseph,  Jacob & Anthony Akel, Nicholas & Anthony Odeh, Michael Fakhouri & Jad Butrus. 

Sweet Hosts - December 9th

Ameen & Abir Hakim

Farid and Nabila Hawwa

George & Lamia Saoud

Edmond and Hikmat Saoud




Attention Members of the Order:

Every Sunday during the month of December, please do not forget to  wear your Red Ribbon Cross.

 ¨ Tuesday December 11th @6:30PM: Ladies Auxiliary Meeting with  a covered dish .

The 2019 election of officers for the Ladies Auxiliary will  be held on that  day; followed by a  LENTEN covered  dish. All members of the Ladies Auxiliary are  encouraged to bring a Lenten Covered Dish to share with others.

Sunday December 16th is our Sunday School Christmas Program after the Divine Liturgy  and the last day of  Sunday School for the 2018 year.

No Sunday School during Christmas Break.  Classes resume on Sunday January 6th, 2019.

Tuesday December 18 at 6:30PM: Parish Council Meeting.

Christmas Eve Service is Monday

Dec. 24th begins at 5:00PM



Teen SOYO Christmas Party-Friday, Dec 7

White Elephant Christmas Gift Exchange!

Grade: 8th-12th

(13 years Old and Up)

Time: 6:30-9:30pm

Location: Church hall

“Hors D'oeuvres, Finger Foods,

Sweet Bites and Drinks will be served 

Organized by Fr. Kamal and Kh. Ranwa

Please bring a gift to share

(Maximum of $10.00 value)



How should people behave in Church?

What are good “Church” manners?

In the Orthodox Church, there are a lot of customs and traditions that are important parts of our worship. Some are cultural; some are pious customs. Some are essential; some are not. From time-to-time, we need to address some of these various etiquette issues to inform our communities how we can best understand each other and work together to worship the all-holy Trinity.

Sunday Dress 

Remember the time when people put on their "Sunday best" to go to church? In fact, dress clothes were often referred to as Sunday clothes. In some parts of the country, this is not common today. In fact, all too often, dress in church has become too casual. In all areas of our lives, we should offer Christ our best. And the same is true of our dress. We should offer Christ our 'Sunday best", not our everyday or common wear. And we should dress modestly, not in a flashy way that would bring attention to ourselves. Our dress should always be becoming of a Christian - especially at church.

Talking during Church 
Isn't it great to come to church and see friends and family members? But wait until coffee hour to say "Hi" to them. It just isn't appropriate to greet people and have a conversation with them during the services. Besides being disrespectful towards God, it is rude towards the other people in the church who are trying to worship. Talk to God while in church through your prayers, hymns, and thanksgiving, and to your friends in the hall afterwards. 

Holy Communion:
When receiving Holy Communion, always do so reverently.  We should be very conscious that we are receiving our Lord.  If receiving on the hand, the hands must be clean and held like a throne for the Lord.  After receiving, one should consume the Sacred Host before turning around to go back to the pew.  Holy Communion must not be reminiscent of a cafeteria line experience, but rather of an encounter with the Lord.

After Communion, each person must give thanks for the precious gift received and allow the grace to fill our souls.  How tragic it is to see people leave Mass right after Communion, not because of an emergency, but because they want to get out of the parking lot first.  I can only think of Judas, who was the first person ever to leave Mass early.  To give the Lord one hour– and usually less– for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is really not much of a sacrifice.  I wonder how these same people would feel if someone left their own home in the middle of the meal without even saying, “Thank you.”


Handling the Holy Bread 
After taking Holy Communion and at the end of the liturgy, it is traditional to eat a piece of holy bread or antidoron - the bread that was left over after Holy Communion was prepared. While antidoron is not Holy Communion, it is blessed bread and as such, should be eaten carefully so that crumbs don't fall all over the place. After taking Communion or kissing the cross at the end of the Divine Liturgy, take one piece of antidoron (you don't need four or five pieces) and when you return to your seat or get to a place where you can stop for a moment, eat the bread trying not to drop crumbs. If you want to give a piece to someone else, go ahead and take an extra piece - don't break yours in half (it produces too many crumbs). And monitor your children as they take the antidoron and teach them to eat it respectfully. 


Gum in Church:

Chewing gum is NOT allowed in church. Mint is allowed to refresh your breath.

 When arriving at Church, discard any gum in a proper container.  There must be a special place in Purgatory for those who stick gum underneath the pew.  (Actually, no one should even be chewing gum in church.) 

Please note: When we removed the pews we have found a lot of sticky gum under seats. We have just installed a new carpet and the renovated pews will be installed next week, God willing. So please keep your church neat and clean.

Snacks for Children:
Food and drinks ARE NOT  ALLOWED in church

you can always tell where young children have been sitting in the church. The tell-tale signs are graham cracker crumbs, Cheerios, and animal crackers.

Please note:   Snack for babies or toddlers (0-3 years old), this is fine but only in church hall or Cry room. No snacks in church.  

Eating in the Church leaves a lot of crumbs; the ideal is to feed your children at home before you come to church. However, we kindly ask you not to have snacks for children in Church during service while you are sitting on the pews. If you have a fussy or a hungry baby, please take him/her to the cry room or church hall.  Let’s preserve the Church Sacredness and Beauty

But by the time children are 4-5 years old, they should be able to make it through Liturgy without eating anything, and by the time they reach seven (the age of their first confession), they should begin fasting on Sunday morning for Communion (or at least make an attempt at fasting by cutting back on the amount of breakfast and eating "fasting"-type foods - talk to your priest about this).

 For those children who get snacks, please don't feed them while in the line for Holy Communion (this applies to holy bread as well). They need to come to Communion without food in their mouths. And one last note: try to keep the snack mess down to a minimum. The floor shouldn't be covered with Cheerios! Chewing gum during Liturgy is a No-No for everyone! 

Cry Room:
Cry Room is designated for babies and toddlers only with their parents, and the proper age is between 1 - 4 years old. Kids older than 4 years old need to be in the main church sitting with their parents.

No children should be running in the church hall or parking lot. It is unsafe for them or others, they might get hurt, or pomp into another child or an elderly person. Parents are to supervise their children during social coffee hour.

 Jesus loves and welcomes children, but they do need our help.  If a child is fussy, then the parent should quickly take the child to the vestibule or outside, and let the child calm down before returning.  Children should not be allowed to rattle keys, drop toys, kick the pews, or run in the aisles.  These behaviors are distracting to the other people and especially to a priest who is trying to give a homily.  Parents simply need to be parents, using good judgment and discipline with the little ones.

New Smoking area:
Attention smokers: The area under Bell Tower is designated as the only smoking area, thank you for respecting this change. We hope you quit smoking soon.