Continuity During COVID-19

Christ Is Risen!
We are humbly asking for patience from our parishioners as we continue to follow the laws of our State and our Metropolitan Joseph’s directives. Our St. George community is here for you even though traditional church functions can no longer safely occur in person. 

Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.  (Galatians 6:2) " 

Per the latest directive of Metropolitan Joseph and the CDC guidelines, the Parish Council and I have been hard at work planning for the phased return of our parishioners to their beloved St. George church. We fully discussed at our recent parish council meeting; dated May 19th, 2020 the plans of our phased return of our beloved parishioners to church in compliance with the Archdiocese directives.  

Until Further Notice…..The church remains Closed for public EXCEPT for the people who are conducting the service until further notice.

 The parish Council and I are creating resources and working on safety protocols to our St. George Community upon reopening the church.
When we will be ready to open the church safely will inform you.

These protocols will be published on our church website and Facebook ahead of time. Stay Tuned!  Please continue to pray with us virtually from home and watch the services Live-streamed on our Church Facebook:

We pray you and your family remain safe.

 With love in the Risen Lord,

Fr. Kamal and the Parish Council


Altar Servers


Happy Birthday to:
James Messink (1), Poline Salameh (1), 

Steven Farmand (2), Gianna Griffin (2),

Jack Akel (2),  Anthony Kalil (3),

Mitri Akel (4), Olivia Bajalia(4),
Sumayya Nammour (6), Paul Rukab (5),

Tania S. Hanania (7),  Julianna Farha (7),

Nour Kassees (7), Brooke Jubran (8),
Nour Kishek (8), Eric Lazo (8), Tammy Akel (9), Mazen Farah (9), Mary Akel (9),

Joseph Farhat (9), Essa Farhat (10),

Elias Dammous (10), Tina Kassis (11),

Andy Akel (11),  Jessica Salameh (12),

Nader Salameh (13), Jacob Beatty (14),

Jackie Bateh (15), Eddie Farhat, Jr. (16),
Charles Bateh (17), Michael Bateh (17),

Kevin Kalil (17), Victoria Bishara (17),
Victor Jaghab (18), Ryan Bateh (18),

Judy Salem (20), Nathan Jubran (21),
William Edwards (21), Said Jack Akel (22),

Isaac Jubran (22), Andrew  Saoud (22),

Patrick J. Hanania (23), Matthew Taylor (23),
George Eadeh (23), Juliana Fakhouri (23), Michael Sarkis (24), Howaida Mousa (24), Jason  Rukab (25), Bassem  Rustom (25),
Bassam Atallah (25),  Amani B. Mardini (26), Hanna ( John) R. Bateh (26),
Justin F. Gazaleh (28),

Dr. Ramsey Salem (28), 

Dr. Laura Bateh Zayed (28),
Anthony Akel (29),

Dr. Denise Kalil Edwards (29),

Julia Farhat (29), Nadia Jubran (30),

Deborah W. Gazaleh (30).

Happy Anniversary to:
Justin & Tammy (Bateh) Baca (1),

Christopher & Kathleen Saa ( 4),
Nassim & Munira Salameh (6),

Nader & Lillian (Anki) Dabit (8),
Victor & Lamis Anki (9),

Yousef & Nadia Dammous (9)
Michael & Melissa Farhat (12),

Anwar & Salwa Eadeh (14),
Sammy & Judy Bateh (15),

Benjamin & Sharon Beatty (16),
Dr. Jarrod & Tamara Mousa ( 20),

George Y. & Delilah Salameh (21),
Essa & Faten Gazaleh (22),

Kamalin & Helen Farah (24),
Richard & Linda Shunnarah (24)

Ramez &Lena Farah (26)
Ansar & Thuraia Owais (27), 

Johnny & Linda Jubran (28),
Jeremy & Sandy Salem (28),

Matthew & Amanda Khoury (30),
Jason & Caroline Rukab (30). 

Congratulations to all our Parishioners & Friends who are celebrating their Birthdays & Wedding Anniversaries in the month of


كنيسةُ القِدِّيسِ جَاورجِيُوسَ الَأنطَاكِيَّة للرُّومِ الأُرْثُوذُكسِ في جَاكسِنْفل فلُوريدا

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Sunday May 24th 

6th Sunday of Pascha

“Blind Man

Tone 5          Eoth. 8

 Epistle: Acts 26;1, 12-20

Gospel: John 9:1-38




Priest on Vacation:
Fr. Kamal will be on vacation (
2 weeks) for an urgent family matter, effective Tuesday May 26th-Saturday June 6th. He will return to church on Sunday June 7th

During  Fr. Kamal’s absence the parish council will take care of all mailing and church correspondents daily, as well as collecting all donations to the church; pledges, dues, etc.  sent via mail from our  parishioners or friends.

If you have an emergency or you need immediate attention  to a serious matter,  you may contact Mr. Jonathan Essa, Parish Council Chairman at (904) 891-4088.

Membership Dues:

​Your continued contributions are critical to the health and strength of our Church

We ask that you continue mailing your pledge dues,  if you are financially able. 

{Pledge dues may be sent by mail to the church office or Via Bill Pay.}

 We are grateful for the support we have received thus far from many of you and hope it will continue until we can worship together again.  


Epistle Readers:
English: Tarek Kishek 
Arabic: George Baghdan

George Baghdan

Tarek Kishek

Sbdn Nadeem Tannous 
Altar Servers:

Dn. Eric Bateh

Ameen Hakim

P.S: In order to serve  the Liturgy

on Sunday, Altar Servers, 

Chanters &  the one who is

live–streaming the service

MUSTwear a mask

during the entire

Divine Liturgyexcept

when they are chanting or  receiving holy communion. 

Join Us Virtually

Sunday July 12, 2020

 $100 Fundraiser & Raffle

6,000 in Prizes”

Live-stream at 5:00 p.m.

A Link to virtually participate will be provided later on to all participants
of  this event (only)… More details to come}  

Raffle ticket sales has begun

Act now and call the church office.

¨ Donation:

$100 per ticket

Raffle ticket purchase Deadline:

On or before Wednesday

July 1st, 2020.

¨ Methods of payment:

Please choose ONE of the following:

1st:  Personal check/ payable to St. George Orthodox Church. Memo: $100 Raffle Ticket . (Please mail it directly to the church office)

2nd:  Bill Pay though your Bank Account -Mail directly to the church office - Memo: $100 Raffle Ticket. 

3rd: Pay by a Credit Card over the phone-by calling Mrs. Raoaa Essa@904–504-8360.
4th:Cash payment –delivered to the church office. 
P.S. Upon receipt of your payment, we will mail your raffle ticket (s) to your home, along with the $100 fundraiser rules and regulations. 

If you have any questions, please contact Fr. Kamal, or  Jonathan Essa or any members of the parish Council.


Your health and safety are our first priority...
Corona Virus Update- Phase 1

 Dear beloved Flock, 

Our church remains CLOSED

to parishioners EXCEPT for the people who are conducting the service until further notice.

(when it is safe to worship together).

tune in  on Sunday at 10:00 AM to watch and pray with us  virtually from home. 

Please limit commenting, shares and emoji's until after the Live Stream has ended.

If you have any spiritual needs, please
do not hesitate to call

Fr. Kamal.