9th Sunday
after Pentecost

Tone 8        Eoth. 9

Epistle: I Cor.3:9-17

Gospel: Matth. 14:22-34



Sunday August 9th

Epistle Readers:

Arabic: George Baghdan 
English: Tarek Kishek


George Baghdan 

Tarek Kishek 

Sbdn Nadeem Tannous 

Altar Servers:

Ameen Hakim

Jamil & Jean Fayad




Simon Bitar 

Jonathan Essa


In order to serve  the Liturgy

on Sunday, Altar Servers, 

Chanters and Ushers  

MUSTwear a mask during

the entireDivine Liturgy.

Altar Servers


Friday August 14th @ 6:30pm:

Evening Divine Liturgy for the feast of

the Dormition. 

Advanced Registration is required!!



Pre-K- 12th Grades

COVID-19 won’t stop the annual Blessing of Backpacks! It will be held in a drive-thru only format this year.

It's back to school time and even though we can't be together in-person for our annual "Blessing of the Backpacks" we are going to offer one "drive thru" style FROM 11:30am to 12 Noon  on Sunday August 16th 

Just come to the St.  George Orthodox Church Parking Lot for a special gift and blessing!

Advanced Car registration is required.

Please call the church office or text Khourieh Ranwa on or before August 12th

We also kindly ask that you please wear your face mask for the safety of yourselves and others, and it is required for all participants.

Looking forward to seeing all of you

On Sunday August 16th !!

Again, please do not forget to register as it is imperative that you do so that Goodie bags to give

to our wonderful students!


كنيسةُ القِدِّيسِ جَاورجِيُوسَ الَأنطَاكِيَّة للرُّومِ الأُرْثُوذُكسِ في جَاكسِنْفل فلُوريدا

Please be respectful and obey the rules and procedures.

1.Attendees will be limited using two alphabetical categoriesA - J and K - Z, as listed in our church directory. 

2. To attend Divine Liturgy, all  parishioners MUST CALL  the church office and reserve their spot  OR  you may text Fr. Kamal or Khourieh Ranwa as well.   
3.Walk-inswill not be allowed. You must be registered for the service to attend.

4.You can only register yourself and your immediate family ( spouse, children, any living in your household).

St George Jacksonville parishioners are given priority. Non-members are welcome to attend, but only if capacity allows it and all parishioners have had the opportunity to register. Registration cannot be transferred to another person.  

5. Doors will be propped or held open during peak periods when parishioners are entering and exiting church, in accordance with security and safety protocols. 

6. We encourage those who wish to attend the  service to arrive between 9:45 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. to allow enough time to enter the church properly. 

7. At 10:15 a.m- Church entrance door will be locked. No Church entry after10:15 am.We strongly urge all faithful to abide by the arrival time.

Please note: When church capacity wasn’t restricted, the time of coming to church services was not an issue even with late arrival. So Punctual arrival time to church under the current situation has become critical.

8. Elderly (65 and up),informed, diabetics, and those who have asthma, heart conditions or compromised immune systems or any chronic illness are strongly advised to stay home and continue to watch the service and pray with us virtually.

9. Parishioners who have childrenwho might be hard to control, who might run around and touch surfaces, are also advisedto stay homeand participate via live stream services. Children should remain seated next to their parents at all times; no wandering permitted.

P.S: Quiet /Crying Room in the Church will be CLOSED.

10.  Please stay at home: 

         A. If you are not feeling well- in any way

         B.  If you haveany immune deficiencies

         C . If were exposed to COVID-19  

           or have been tested positive for COVID-19

11. Face Masks are required to enter the Church until further notice. Mask must be worn at all the times, before, during and after the services as well as around the nearby church exteriors. 

(Please bring your own face mask as church will not provide one.)

Please note: If you have an issue wearing a mask, please be respectful and watch the service virtually from you home.

12. Children younger than 5are not required to wear mask. Children should 
Before entering the Church, the temperature of each person will be taken by a designated person.  If anyone’s temperature is above (100.4 F), he or she will be kindly asked to return to their home, both for their safety and the safety of others.
14.Hands must be sanitized upon entry. 

15. Candles: If you want to use a prayer candle, the candle will be distributed by a gloved usher. If bringing cash for your candle donation, try to bring exact change to eliminate making change and mitigating all unnecessary contact. If donating by check, just place it in the basket provided.
16.A designated person will direct you to your seat. We ask that you remain in that area for the duration of the service.

17. Members of the same household may sit together.  Once again, an usher will direct each family, one at a time, to the designated pew.
You must keep at least 6 feet between you and members of another household in the same row.

19.There will benoliturgy service booksin pews. 

20. Honor is to be shown to Holy Icons and the Holy Cross by making a cross and bowing. Keep in mind nottokiss or to touch the Holy Icons, Gospel, and the Holy Cross.

21. Refrainfrom shaking hands or embracing others during and after the service.

22. Follow the directions of the ushers at all times. All ushers will be wearing gloves and masks at all times.


23. Follow the signs on the pews, on the easels, and on the floor. 

24.  Only one bathroom in the church may be used . 

Church Hall building (i.e., Bathrooms, Sunday school classes, and offices) will be CLOSED. 

25. We ask that parents accompany all children 12 and under to the bathroom.

26.Do not congregate in the nave or narthex – after the service, please immediately exit the building in an orderly fashion, maintaining a six-foot separation between people.

27.No collection trays will be passed.You may drop your donation (Pledge Dues) in the donation basket located in Church Foyer. Another option is to safely and conveniently make your donations via bill pay or mail your donations directly to the Church Office. 

28. The Choir is not allowed. Please, no congregational singing or sung responses. There will be two chanters, separated by least 6 feet, who will do all the singing and chanting. 
29Verbal reciting of the creed, the Lord’s Prayer, and the communion confession will be allowed but spoken in a soft voice. 

30. When lining up for Communion, look for the six-foot marks taped on the center aisle.

31. According to Metropolitan JOSEPH’S Directives: “We will continue to offer Communion according to our Tradition:

32. Follow these instructions during partaking communion:

A.Obey instructions from ushers for your return and return to your seat.

B.  Stand a few feet away from the clergy giving communion)

C.  Tilt your head, open your mouth wide at all times so the Body and Blood can be placed onto the inside of your mouth without any or minimal contact.

D. Do not close your mouth on the spoon.

E.Do not wipe your lips with the Communion cloth.

F. Keep your mask on until reaching the Chalice, and upon partaking of the Eucharist, place it back on your face.

G.  Please do not kiss the Chalice or the Priest’s hand and return quickly to your seat. 
33.The blessed bread will be distributed by a gloved and masked altar server or usher, as you leave- in the Church foyer.


34.Please EXIT  the Church as instructed after the service and go directly to your vehicle.  (No socializing outside the Church or in the parking lot.)

Our goal is to keep everyone healthy and safe during worship. God endowed us with Reason, so we want to put our Reason in the service of our Faith.


​​​​Sunday August 9th   

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Manual Safety protocols

and Guidelines during this pandemic


Weekly Bulletin Highlights


Sunday August 9th:  We invite families with the last names starting with the letters A-J to attend Liturgy.

***Each family must wait for their turn to come.***

Advanced reservation is required
To attend Divine Liturgy, all  parishioners MUST CALL  the church office and reserve their spot  OR  you may text Fr. Kamal or Khourieh Ranwa.

Please call and register by Friday evening as we will no longer be acceptingcall/ text on Saturday. (No Last minute Call or text) .

The church will be maintaining a list of those who signed up, and names will be checked at the door.

We encourage those who wish to attend the service, to arrive between 9:45am -10:15am as to allow enough time to properly enter the church. 

As at 10:15am sharp, the church door will be locked from outside. We strongly urged all faithful to abide by the arrival time.  

 A face mask, covering both the nostrils and mouth,must be worn to enter and exit the building, and at all timesbefore, during, and after services, as well as around the nearby church exteriors.
Your understanding and support of our parish leadership as well as your respect for the needs of your brothers and sisters in Christ is greatly appreciated in this difficult task of managing attendance.
The parish reserves the right to alter these guidelines at any time, considering changes in guidelines and restriction from the CDC, state of Florida, and the Antiochian Archdiocese.


August 1st—August 15th:
The Dormition Fast has begun last  Saturday August 1st and continues until Saturday  August 15th, 2020. The Holy  Orthodox Church asks us to  abstain from Meat, Fish, and Dairy Products during this fasting period. 

Please note: Fish is allowed on Thursday August 6th in  observance of the feast of Transfiguration.


Divine Liturgy Schedule

for families with last names

starting with the letters: 

August 9th : A– J

August 16: K-Z

August 23: A-J

August 30: K-Z


Watch  live church services on our ChurchFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/St-George-Antiochian-Orthodox-Church-153753080592/

Church Hall is closed until further Notice. No social coffee hour after Sunday  service.  

NO Hall Rental during COVID-19 Pandemic​​

Membership Dues:

​Your continued contributions are critical to the health and strength of our Church.
We ask that you continue mailing your pledge dues,  if you are financially able. 

{Pledge dues may be sent by mail to the church office or Via Bill Pay.}

We are grateful for the support we have received thus far from many of you and hope it will continu


​​St. George Orthodox Church Of Jacksonville

+Funeral and Memorial

Services  guidelines

during this Pandemic+

The threat of the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. Cases are rapidly rising again, especially in our city; Jacksonville.

To ensure the safety of all our beloved parishioners the following rules and guidelines must be followed in regards funeral and memorial services:

**Funeral service will be done at the Graveside (one day service).
All attendees must be wearing masks and keeping social distancing (a minimum of 6 feet) at all times.

**These rules are in effect until further notice.**

Memorial Services:
**40 Day., 6 mos., or 1 year memorial services will be done VIRTUALLY** with the following"Optional" provisions:


 Rule #1- until further notice:

If the family chooses to come to the  church and have  a memorial service for their departed one, then it willbe limitedonly to the immediate family members of the departed loved one;Wife / Husband, Children ( spouses) and grandchildren.

The rest of the extended family, relatives and friends will pray with us virtually from home.

Rule #2- until further notice:

 In lieu of Neyaha, Kaak or Mercy bread,
a monetary donation will be made to St. George Church. {Foods and Beverages are discontinued during this pandemic}
 **Twenty dollar ($20) for Holy Bread will be given to the church directly. You will receive a loaf of bread in memory of your loved one at the end of the service.**

**Offering Condolences for the family inside the church
is discontinued during this pandemic until further notice.** 

Your understanding and cooperation with our parish leadership as well as your respect for the needs of your brothers and sisters in Chr
ist is greatly appreciated in this difficult task of managing attendance.

The parish reserves the right to alter these guidelines at any time, considering changes in guidelines and restriction from the CDC, State of Florida, and the Antiochian Archdiocese.