Social Coffee Hour Hosts

​Sunday January 26th   

2020 Annual Home blessing:
Father Kamal will begin the  blessing homes and businesses as of Monday January 13th,  2020.   If you are interested in having your home/business blessed, please Call the church office , to schedule an appointment with Fr. Kamal.

Tuesday Jan.21st—Saturday Jan. 25th

Diocese of Miami and Southeast “ Winter Retreat”  Atlanta, Georgia. 

Sunday February 2nd, 2020  Godparents' Sunday celebration- More details to come.

No Sunday School classes that Sunday.

​Sunday School News

First Confession Program will begin January 26th for all 2nd-8th grade students. 

The program will run during Sunday School class for nine weeks, with a special celebration of the sacrament to follow. More detailed information coming via email. Please stay tuned.!

Diocese Winter Camp
“Camp St. Thekla”

 When: Feb14-Feb17th, 2020

Where: Asbury Hills Camp, Cleveland,

SC 29635

 Who: Ages 12-17

  Cost :$200 




     Sunday February 2nd

“Godparent & Godchild Sunday”

The Parish Family of the St. George Antiochian  Orthodox church cordially invites all our children and teens to join us as we celebrate our annual Godparent & Godchild Sunday on Sunday February 2nd, 2020.

All godparents and godchildren are encouraged to be present in Church and prepare to receive Holy Communion  together.  

 May we allow this day to be a time to  strengthen our relationship with each other.

 Divine Liturgy will be celebrated

at 10:00 AM




كنيسةُ القِدِّيسِ جَاورجِيُوسَ الَأنطَاكِيَّة للرُّومِ الأُرْثُوذُكسِ في جَاكسِنْفل فلُوريدا

Godparents in the Orthodox Church 

Altar Servers 

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Sunday January 26th 

​​Holy Bread of Oblation Sunday January 26th 

Weekly Bulletin Heighlights 

Jonathan and Raoaa Essa

Kareem and Helen Essa

Eddie and Roula Essa

Dr. Ibrahim and Nadine Fahdi




32nd Sunday after Pentecost

Tone 7           Eothinon  10

Epistle: I Tim.4:9-15

Gospel: Luke 19:1-10



1.In loving memory of Nadia Michael (2yrs.), offered by Beverly Michael and her family. May her memory be eternal.

2. In loving memory of Christeen Kawwas

(2yrs.) offered by Yousef and Janan Kawwas and family. May her memory be eternal.

3. In loving memory of Nidal and Issam Samaan, offered by Randa Samaan  and family. May their memory be eternal.

4. In loving memory of Boulos and Farideh Salem, offered by their children and their families. May their memory be eternal.

5. For the health and spiritual welfare of Kamalin and Helen Farah and their children, offered by Kamalin and Helen Farah.

 6. For the health and spiritual welfare of Chris and Anna Sarah Farha and their children, offered by Chris and Anna Sarah Farha.

 ​​ ​​

Epistle Readers:

English: Hikmat Saoud

Arabic: George Baghdan

Tray Collection: 

Haitham and Asma Atalla

Bassam and Dina Atllah  


Nicholas and Dominic Jospeh 

Altar Servers:

​Bader Bajalia,  Jacob and Anthony Akel, Jamil & Jean Fayad, Nicholas & Anthony Odeh, Jad Butrus, Michael Fakhouri and Michel Al-Achab 

The institution of godparents (sponsors) is one that dates back to the first century of the Christian Church. Anyone approaching baptism, be they infant or adult, was required to have a godparent. In the case of an infant, it is the godparent that speaks for the child, answering the questions posed by the priest during the baptismal service. But it doesn’t stop there! The godparent is charged by the Church with the duty to make sure the newly baptized is instructed in the teachings of the Church, remains a frequent communicant within the Church and remains active in the Church. In the case of a child, it is to the godparents that the parents entrust their child, knowing that the godparent will remain actively supporting the child within the life of the Church. Should something happen to the parents, it is traditionally the godparent who will make sure the child continues to be taken to church, and remains Orthodox. 

Because of the awesome responsibility of godparents, it is all the more important that great care be taken when choosing someone who will take on this role. The Church does not allow anyone to become a godparent who is not Orthodox, for how can one who is not himself a pious, active Orthodox Christian give witness to living a life immersed in the Orthodox faith? The godparent must therefore be a person of high moral character, and able to inspire the newly baptized to fulfill their baptismal vows.

When the newly baptized approaches the holy chalice for the first three consecutive Sundays following baptism, it is the godparent who accompanies them to receive the Holy Mysteries. The godparent must, therefore, be someone who himself/herself is a frequent communicant. Additionally, the godparent must be someone who is active in the life of the Church, supporting the Church with their tithe, keeping the fasts, and otherwise living in all piety and holiness.

The person chosen to act as a godparent must be someone willing to honor their commitment to the newly baptized for a lifetime, and willing to help nourish the spiritual life and development of the child throughout their life. Thus, it is a very bad idea to pick someone as a godparent simply because they are a good friend. Godparents are duty bound to continue giving support to their godchild, even into adulthood. They must be someone who will remember to honor their godson or goddaughter on special occasions, such as a birthday or names day. They should be a part of the godchild’s life during the great feasts of the Church, such as Pascha or Nativity. They should commemorate the anniversary of their godchild’s baptism by giving them a Christian gift, such as a Bible, prayer book, or icon.

Everything should be done to strengthen the bond between the godparent and the godchild throughout the ensuing years. They can take each other out to a restaurant for dinner, or receive communion together when possible (if living in different cities). Time should be allotted to cultivate a unique spiritual bond, and the godparent should assist the godchild’s parents whenever possible – especially when doing so enhances the godchild’s commitment to their Orthodox faith.
 Because baptism has been called Illumination, and brings us out of the darkness of sin and into the light of Christ, the role of the godparent is critical. The godparent must ensure that the Light of Christ continues to shine in the soul of the godchild. Thus, this role as godparent is an awesome responsibility, and is not to be considered a one-day event. If you’ve been asked to be a godparent, but are unwilling to see this as a lifelong vocation, please decline the honor.

The Godparents in the Orthodox Church
by deacon Thomas Wilson

It is a rule of the Orthodox Faith that every person, child or adult, should have a Godparent at Baptism. To serve as a Godparent is both a special honor and imposes responsibilities, which last a lifetime. Along with the parents, the Godparent is charged with the responsibility of assisting in the spiritual development of the child. Whether a blood relative or not, the Godparent becomes a part of the "spiritual family" of that Godchild. 

Selection of a Godparent: 
The Orthodox Archdiocese of North America advises that the selection of a godparent is an important choice because the godparent is responsible for the spiritual up bringing of your child. You should think of the person as becoming a member of your family and a relationship that will be lifelong. Often family members will be selected as godparents but they can be non-family members as well. In Greek tradition, the best man or Bride's maid of the parents wedding will baptize the couple's first child. It is best, if you wish someone else, you should at least consult with them about your choice.

As the Godparent is the sponsor at baptism, it should be realized that only someone who is a member in good standing of the Orthodox church, in full sacramental communion, and knows at least the main tenets of the Christian faith and its ethics, as well as the meaning of the mystery of baptism and of the vows which are given in the name of the baptized which are to be conveyed and explained to the latter when he has reached maturity. Thus, the sponsor at baptism cannot be:

 1. minor, i.e. a boy younger than 18, or a girl less

than 17 .

2. Someone ignorant of the faith.

3.  Someone guilty of overt sins, or in general a person who in the opinion of the  community has fallen in his or her moral life.

4. A non Christian  

5. Parents may not be sponsors of their own children.


Annual General Assembly

Sunday February 16th, 2020

The Parish Council is made up of 12 members (elected for 3 years by the General Assembly), 3 members appointed for one year by the Pastor, and all of the Organizations’ Presidents.

Every year the council elects from within its ranks, a chairperson and executive officers. In addition, committees are appointed to run the affairs of the parish.
The Pastor, as the appointed representative of the Metropolitan, has the ultimate responsibility for our church. For a synergistic and effective arrangement of our church, the priest, the council, and every parishioner has to work in harmony, much like the Holy Trinity is three persons in one, so must this relationship be.

As of Sunday January 19th the following candidates are running to the parish Council election of 2020 and they are:

Karina Cadora

Dr. Fawzi Farha

Abraham Kassees

Kamil Nasrah 

Qualification Requirements
 A candidate must:

A– He/ She must be twenty years of age or older. 
B– He/ She has been a voting member of the parish for a period of the past two consecutive years, and has met his/her financial pledge to the church. 
C– He/ She has fulfilled the Communicant’s requirements of the Orthodox faith; (meaning in good standing spiritually).

 A nominating committee is appointed every year to search for the candidates that can best serve the needs of our church.

If you are interested please contact ONE of the Nominating Committee members below: 

 Fr. Kamal Al-Rahil, Pastor @ 448-1855


 Mr. Sam Kalil; Nominating Committee Chairman  @ 904- 607-5957


 Mrs. Dina Atallah @ 904- 608-3846

Mr. Sam Salem @ 904-568-0532

 Mr. Issa Odeh @ 904-868-5699