1. In loving memory of Asmahan Abou Khodr ( 40 day Obs.), offered by Albert Abou Khodr and family May her memory be eternal.

2. In loving memory of Salwa S. Kazaleh (6 mos. Obs.), offered by her children and their families. May her memory be eternal.

3. In loving memory of Atallah and Dalal Habash, offered by their daughters; Ghada Batteh and Suha Bateh and their family. May their memory be eternal.

4. In loving memory of Ahlam AL Hirsh,  offered by Abla Al-Hirsh and her family. May her memory be eternal.

5. In loving memory of Antoinette Zakhem, offered by her daughter Khourieh Ranwa Alrahil and family. May her memory be eternal. 


Weekly Bulletin Heighlights 

​​​​   Sunday December 8th 

Social Coffee Hour Hosts 

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Altar Servers 

​​Holy Bread of Oblation Sunday December 8th

Happy Birthday to:
Dr. Jawad Farhat (1), Selma Isabella Dabit (1),
Ashley Hanania Lazo (1), Christine Farah Conner (2)
Lana Rae Akel (2), Charles Hollis Cole (2),
Grant Michael Khoury (2), Kristine El-Kouri (3),
Joey Salameh (3), Joshua Boyd (4), Sana Anki (5),
Nouman Peter El-Abu (5), Samir Hanania Jr. (6), 
Daniel Shaqareq (6), Laura A. Saoud (6),

Lauren A. Hanna (8),  Michael Farhat (9),
Suzanne Farhat Villa (10), Melissa Alley Farhat (10),
Emily Sophia Farhat (10), Ramzi G. Bateh (11),

Peter Jaghab (11), Victor Calatrava (11),

Luke J. Farah (12),  Leila Mousa (12), Peter Farhat (13),

Anthony Salem (13), Samir Salameh (14),

Helen Tannous (14), Rami Christopher Farmand (14),  Ava Akel (14), Alina Akel (14), Zachary Reyad Bateh ( 15) , Mark Bateh (16), Dina Atallah (16), Bert Eadeh (17), Samar Farhat (18), Jasmine Salman (18),
George Saoud Jr. (19), Ann Farmand (19),

Andrea Farhat (21), Nora Gazaleh (21),

Sandy Helen Hanania (22), Paige Farah Santa Lucia (22), Ramez Anki (23), Leana Farah (23), Ramzi Salameh (24), Vicky Anki  (25), Issa Kassis (25), Essa S. Farhat (26),  Noelle El-Abu (27), Sana Al-Hirsh (27), Nabil Shaqareq (27),  Susan Nammour (28), Mary Elizabeth Hanania (28),  Emily R. Bateh (28),

Dr. Justin Bateh (29), Tony Akel (30),

Vera Hishmeh (30), Hala Salman (30),

Ian M. Farhat (31).

 Happy Anniversary to:
Nabeel & Ghada Rukab(3),
Johnny & Joy Rukab(5),
Yacoub & Mary Akel (7), 
Marwan & Dr. Lisa Eways (30).
Congratulations to all our Parishioners & Friends who are celebrating their Birthdays & Wedding Anniversaries in the month of

Christmas Program Schedule  

Wednesday Dec 4th: Feast of Sts.  Barbara and John of Damascus .

In observance of the feast day of St. Barbara we will have “Burbarrah”; (Boiled wheat) on Sunday December 8, 2019. 

Burbarrah wheat  is offered by Ghada Batteh & Suha Bateh in loving memory of their parents Atallah and Dalal Habash. May their memory be eternal. 


by Abla Al-Hirsh, in loving memory of her daughter; Ahlam Al-Hirsh.  May her memory be eternal !  

Tuesday December 10th @6:30PM: Ladies Auxiliary Meeting with  a covered dish . The 2019 election of officers for the Ladies Auxiliary will  be held on that  day; followed by a  LENTEN covered  dish. All members of the Ladies Auxiliary are  encouraged to bring a Lenten Covered Dish to share with others.

Friday December 13th@ 6:00PM: Sunday School Christmas program and party. 

Tuesday December 17 at 6:30PM: Parish Council Meeting.

Christmas Eve Service will be held on Tuesday Dec. 24th beginning at  5:00 PM.


December Birthdays and  Anniversaries 

كنيسةُ القِدِّيسِ جَاورجِيُوسَ الَأنطَاكِيَّة للرُّومِ الأُرْثُوذُكسِ في جَاكسِنْفل فلُوريدا

Ameen and Abir Hakim

Farid and Nabila Hawwa

George and Lamia Saoud

Edmond and Hikmat Saoud




St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

25th Sunday
after Pentecost


Tone-8             Eothinon-3

Epistle: Eph.4:1-7

Gospel: Luke 13:10-17



December 6th

Feast of St. Nicholas the Wonder-worker,

Archbishop of Myra.

As a child, Nicholas was instructed in theology by his uncle Nicholas, who was the bishop of Patara. He then became a monk at the monastery of New Sion, which had been founded by his uncle. He gave all the money he inherited to the poor, keeping nothing. He once saved a poor man’s daughters from being given into prostitution by throwing bags of gold through an open window at night. He at first hoped to live a life of solitude; however, in a vision one night he saw Jesus giving him Holy Gospels covered with precious jewels. Next to Jesus, the Theotokos was placing a pallium on him. This vision is depicted in the icons of St. Nicholas. Jesus told Nicholas that he must work among the people if he wanted to receive a crown from heaven.

The previous archbishop of Myra soon died, and Nicholas was installed as the new archbishop.

At the First Ecumenical Council of Nicea in 325, Nicholas slapped the heretic Arius in the face for speaking against Jesus Christ and the Theotokos. Those present disapproved of Nicholas's actions, expelled him, and relieved him of his station as bishop. That night several of the fathers had the same vision: they saw Jesus and the Theotokos on either side of Nicholas restoring him as bishop. He was immediately reinstated and treated with great respect. Nicholas became the patron saint of children, merchants, sailors, scholars, and travelers. His charity is still remembered in the concept of Santa Claus. He died peacefully in the fourth century.


Epistle Readers:

English: Chris Farha  

Arabic: George Baghdan

Tray Collection: 

Suheil and Salwa Akel

Jeanette Jubran and Randa Samaan   


Ameen Hakim 

​Edmond Saoud 

Altar Servers:

​Bader Bajalia, Alex and Daniel Deeb, Elias Baghdan, Jacob and Anthony Akel, Jamil & Jean Fayad. Nicholas & Anthony Odeh, Jad Butrus, Michael Fakhouri.

Saturday December 7th @ 2:00 pm

There will be an extra practice (5threhearsal)  for the Christmas program in the church.

{It is Mandatory for all children to attend this rehearsal.

Please note:Not attending this rehearsal 

child will  be out of the Christmas program.

Sunday December 8th: 6th  Rehearsal for the Christmas program will be held  in class as well as inside the church and will end at 12:30 pm.

Thursday December 12th @5:00 pm:

There will be a FINAL Dress Rehearsal

  in the church before the performance on Friday.

It is extremely important to attend all Rehearsals to work out all the details. 
Friday December 13th @ 6:00pm: 

Our Christmas program"It is Jesus' Birthday"

ill be performed in the church followed by Christmas  party  ONLY for our registered Sunday school children ( Pre K- 8th)  and their families in the church hall.

A MOST special visitor will arrive at 7:00 pm to set us off in the right Spirit.