Epistle Readers:

Arabic: George Baghdan 
English: Tarek Kishek


George Baghdan 

Tarek Kishek 

Sbdn Nadeem Tannous 

Altar Servers:

Ameen Hakim 

Jamil and Jean Fayad




Nick Joseph

Jiries Fakhouri 


In order to serve  the Liturgy

on Sunday, Altar Servers, 

Chanters and Ushers  

MUSTwear a mask during

the entireDivine Liturgy.

Sunday September 20th

​​​​​​​​​​Sunday Sep. 20th 

كنيسةُ القِدِّيسِ جَاورجِيُوسَ الَأنطَاكِيَّة للرُّومِ الأُرْثُوذُكسِ في جَاكسِنْفل فلُوريدا

Altar Servers


St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Sunday after 

the Elevation

of the Cross

Tone 6            Eoth 4

Epistle: Gal.2:16-20

Gospel: Mark 8:34-9: 1


How Do We Strengthen Our Children's Faith?

When God gives us children, we become stewards of His gift of life. 

Children are gifts to us and we are just able to shape their character and beliefs for a period of time, prior to their maturity. Some parents fully

understand this reality, while others do not. One fact is very clear to most of us: It is not enough to baptize them, while they are infants.

As we continue to feed and clothe them, we are also called to sow the faith in their souls and cultivate it through family prayer, teaching them proper Orthodox Christian habits and values and lead them to sanctification of their life as the supreme purpose of their existence. This cannot be obtained apart from the Church; only through the Church. 

For this reason, we urge all parents to faithfully attend our religious services, especially our Sunday School and Youth Programs.

Please bring your child to Church every Sunday!

Be God's messenger to others and help us spread the Good News !
Inspiration for Christian Living
Take your Orthodox Faith out into the “real world” by memorizing these prayers & making them a part of your back-to-school routine:

Prayer before Studying
Most Blessed Lord, send down upon us the grace of Your Holy Spirit; sharpen our insight, so that, giving attention to our teachers, we may grow in Your glory and be a source of joy to our parents, and a blessing to Your Church.
Prayer after Studying

We thank You, O Creator, that You have given us a chance to learn. Bless our parents and teachers who bring us this knowledge, and give us strength to persevere in our studies.


Our Orthodox Faith - Children & Worship

How can parents make participation in the Liturgy

and other services meaningful for younger children?

Sit up front. Help your children see what's going on by taking a seat in the front pews near the aisle; don't expect children to sit still, and don't be afraid to "take a break" if your children need one.

Read along with children. Use the liturgy books provided in the pews, or better yet a children's liturgy book filled with pictures and responses. Find the Epistle and Gospel readings in your Bible and follow the reading with them.
Sing with your children
. If your children are young, encourage them to sing simple responses, like the “Alleluia’s” or “Amen’s”. If they are older, point to the words (& music if your liturgy book provides) and encourage them to sing along, even if they're off-key.
Help them notice what's going on.
Call your children's attention to the priest, icons and seasonal colors. Point out the Little and Great Entrances, the Consecration, and other key parts of the service.

Help children participate.
Help them to memorize common responses at home, like the Litany and the Lord's Prayer so they can be part of the service, too.


Weekly Announcements 

Families with last name begin with

the letters A-J  are invited to attend

Liturgy this Sunday.

Masks or Face Coverings are MANDATORY

FOREVERYONE entering the church.

​Masks must be worn properly

at all times. 

Advanced Registration is required!!

​To attend this evening Divine Liturgy, all  parishioners MUST CALL  the church office and register their names OR  you may text Fr. Kamal or Khourieh Ranwa as well. 


The church will be maintaining a list of those who signed up, and names will be checked at the door.
We encourage those who wish to attend the service, to arrive between 9:45am -10:15am as to allow enough time to properly enter the church. 

As at 10:15am sharp, the church door will be locked from outside. We strongly urged all faithful to abide by the arrival time.  
 A face mask, covering both the nostrils and mouth, must be worn to enter and exit the building, and at all times before, during, and after services, as well as around the nearby church exteriors




Divine Liturgy Schedule for families with last namesstarting with the letters: 

September 20:  A-J

September 27: K-Z

To attend Divine Liturgy,

 all  parishioners MUST CALL  the church office and reserve their spot  OR  you may text

 Fr. Kamal or Khourieh Ranwa.  
Watch  live church services on our Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church Facebook: 



Church Hall is closed until further Notice. No social coffee hour after Sunday  service.  

NO Hall Rental during COVID-19 Pandemic​​