There has been something weighing on my heart lately:
During Divine Liturgy, I noticed that there is still talking going on in the Foyer of the Church and even sometimes within the Sanctuary. This has never been permissible. Ushers, I need your help in this matter. If anyone is talking,   especially during the Gospel, Sermon, or Communion preparation and/or  distribution, please remind them that there is no talking during these times.

¨ Standing Silently is the ONLY proper posture... 
During the reading of the Gospel and consecration of the Holy Communion, there ought to be no movement and no noise. Please remain where you are. STANDING, bowing our heads and praying is the appropriate posture as we are participating in the most holy moment in the Divine Liturgy where the priest invokes the Holy Spirit to sanctify the offerings and change them to the very Body and Blood of Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Communion: the Most Holy Time!
Once again, Silence and Stillness is REQUIRED.  No walking or talking is  allowed from the Conclusion of the Creed (when the priest says, “Let us stand aright; let us stand with fear; let us attend…” etc.) through the conclusion of the consecration (when the priest says, “Especially our all-holy, immaculate most blessed glorious Lady Theotokos…”)  

Remember to keep standing! Unless you have a serious medical condition which prevents you from standing, there should be NO sitting or even kneeling during these times.


Following the teachings of the Church: 
It is important to abide by teachings of the Church to improve our ways of   worshipping God and to actively participate in the Liturgy which contributes to our spiritual growth.

Thank you.
 I pray this information would be of a benefit to all of you.

Daily Lives , Miracles and Wisdom of the Saints

Holy, Glorious Prophet Elijah Commemorated on July 20.

The glorious Prophet Elijah (Hebrew:אליהו), l) so Elias (NT Greek Hλίας), is a prophet of the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament. His name has been variously translated as "whose God is the Lord," "God the Lord," "the strong Lord," "God the Lord," "my God is the Lord," "the Lord is my God," and "my God is  Jehovah."
   Elijah was one of the important Biblical prophets, who lived in the 9thC BC during the times of King Ahab and his wicked queen Jezebel.   Elijah is regarded

 by all faiths  (Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze) as  a healer, a miracle maker, and a great hero who stood against the might of Kings and false prophets. He is incorporated in many of the religious accounts (such as the transfiguration of Jesus) and traditions. Feast day is celebrated on July 20th.

5th Sunday after Pentecost
Tone  4            Eoth 5

Epistle: Rom.10:1-10

Gospel: Matthew 8:28-9:1





Altar Servers 

كنيسةُ القِدِّيسِ جَاورجِيُوسَ الَأنطَاكِيَّة للرُّومِ الأُرْثُوذُكسِ في جَاكسِنْفل فلُوريدا

Holy Bread of Oblation

Sunday July 21st

   Sunday July 21st

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

 1. In loving memory of Musa Yacoub Hanania (1 year Obs.), offered by Hind Hanania and her children. May his memory be eternal.  

2. For the health and spiritual welfare of Elias Daoud, offered by Gail Daoud and her daughters.

3. For the health and spiritual welfare of Elias Baghdan, offered by George and Rasha Baghdan and family.

4. For the health and spiritual welfare of  Dr. Ramsey B. and Sally Salem, their children, and their families offered by Dr. Ramsey B. and Sally Salem.

 5. For the health and spiritual welfare of Nabila Salem, her children and their families, offered by Nabila Salem .

 6. For the health  and spiritual welfare of Anne Salem and family, offered by Anne Salem.


Epistle Readers
English: Chris Farha 

Arabic: George Baghdan  

Tray Collection

Dr. David and Tania Hanania

Said and Samira Samaan

 Dr. Jimmy Farah and Sam Kalil 

 Altar Servers:
 Albert Kishek, Timothy Conner,

Khalil Farhat, Bader Bajalia,

Dominic &Nicholas Joseph,

Jamil & Jean Fayad

Jacob & Anthony Akel, Michael
Fakhouri  Nicholas Odeh

and Jad Butrus.


        Sweets Hosts

         Sunday July 21st  

Zaher and Nancy Salem

Samer and Rana Salloum

Randa Samaan

Elias and Gail Daoud 

Meetings & Events Schedule



   Monday July 22nd –Saturday July 27th

 Feast of Holy Prophet Elias is Saturday July 20th but we will celebrate the feast on Sunday July 21st. Please take a note of it .

    Monday July 22nd –Saturday July 27th :   Fr. Kamal will be out of town  for  the Archdiocese Convention  which will be held at Grand Rapid, Michigan.

  Please note:  He will be Serving the Divine liturgy on Sunday July 28th at our church 



There will be
NO meeting in “July” for the Ladies Auxiliary OR the Parish Council due to everyone's busy summer schedules and travel plans. We'll regroup in August.

The next monthly “Ladies Auxiliary Meeting” will be Tuesday August 13th, 2019

 The next monthly “Parish Council Meeting” will be Tuesday August 27th, 2019.

   Saturday August 24th ,2019   

“ End of Summer Adult Party ( Hafli)  and Dinner”

Where? St. George Church Hall

Hosted by the Ladies Auxiliary of our Church

Cost: $50 per person

Tickets will be
ON SALE on Sunday July 21st,2019 

Limited seats to 150 people ONLY.


From the Desk of Fr. Kamal...

Behavior in Church - A successful Sunday
¨   An Orthodox Church is a special place of God’s presence on earth. We must behave ourselves reverently in church, so as not to offend the dignity of the sacred place but to ask God’s grace for ourselves.
¨ Church begins at home - The Holy Church asks us to abstain from drinking, eating, and smoking from Saturday midnight in order to receive  the Holy Communion on  Sunday morning. Exception is granted to children,  Elderly and those who require food with their medicine. We should also teach and train our children age 10 and up to abstain from food. 

Appropriate Clothing... How we present ourselves in the House of God is important. Make sure your attire is appropriate for church, especially if you are planning to take Communion; the Body & Blood of Christ.

 No Sleeveless shirts, Spaghetti straps, Tank tops, Short skirts, strapless dresses, Shorts or Flip Flops. No plunging necklines, or tight blouses for the Ladies and No worn-out jeans or “grungy” T-shirts for Men.

Modesty is still a MUST in the House of God.

   Before you enter - Turn off your cell phone, be sure your children have no gum, food or drink, and remind them to keep silent and still once inside the church. 

The Church Foyer - When entering the foyer, make the sign of the cross and bow reverently. We now bring ourselves into a mindset of prayer by lighting candles and venerating the Icons.

Say this prayer:

“I will come into your house in the multitude of Your mercy;

In fear of You I will worship toward Your holy temple.” Psalm 5:7